The Rest is Action

Produced by The Company and Project Arts Centre | Presented at Tiger Dublin Fringe 4th - 13th September 2014

What was empty is what now makes it all work. Empty gestures become action.

2,500 years ago we invented a fiction called tragedy. We believed in it so much it became real. We live it now. Why can’t we get out of it? Why do we still need a fiction to live in? This is not the story of a tragic hero, it is yours.

Spirit of the Fringe and Best Production winners are back with a radical visual journey to our origins. Witness the reinvention of one of the greatest tales of all time – The Oresteia.

Tickets  Tiger Dublin Fringe - Project Arts Centre
Funded by the Arts Council

AccomplishedSunday Indepedent
**** Conceptually ambitious...artful and self-aware...heroic enoughThe Irish Times
 The Company's latest offering will not disappointNo More Workhorse
  • Inspired by the Oresteia,
  • Created by The Company
  • Directed by Jose Miguel Jimenez
  • Performed by Nyree Yergainharsian, Rob McDermott and Brian Bennett
  • Research Consultant Jesse Jones
  • Design by Stephen Dodd
  • Video Design by Mick Cullinan
  • Production Manager Marty Moore
  • Line Producer Gemma Collins