Here we are, in the middle of it. We have hit the edge and are now falling. We feel we’ve been let down and lied to. We know we need each other but are finding ourselves increasingly alone. We know we should do something but we don’t quite know what it is…

Trying to find new ideals within a social and economic whirlwind, we have set ourselves a challenge: to make a show not about the world we live in, but the one we could create. Come, get entangled and find out what part you play.

The performers are bright, generous, witty, decisive and confident...
The Independent 
POLITIK certainly succeeds in empowering the audience; we discuss, we suggest and we make decisions. This is a system in which we make changes and we see them play out.
Irish Theatre Magazine 
... your enjoyment will depend on what you are prepared to bring to the table. Remember, your country, and The Company, need you.
The Irish Times 
  • Created and devised by The Company with Brian Bennett, Rob McDermott and Tanya Wilson
  • Performed by Brian Bennett, Rob McDermott, Nyree Yergainharsian and Tanya Wilson
  • Set and lighting design Ciaran O’Melia
  • Production Manager Stephen Dodd
  • Stage Manager Simon Manahan
  • Choreographer Emma O’Kane