Hipsters we met & liked

Nyree and Brian set themselves a challenge: to collect photographs from all around the world from fellow Hipsters that they met and liked. They want to show Dublin what the rest of our world has to offer and, at the same time, celebrate all things Hipster.

This ‘too cool for skool’ 45 minute performance piece will leave you more trendy than before, more excited about photography than before, and if you want, even slightly tipsy.

You can’t help but like them, you totally can’t...
Irish Theatre Magazine
The Company’s show-and-tell exhibition of hipster-sourced photography is really a gentle satire on poses over passion.
Irish Times
The Company’s latest is a boy and girl meet each other in primary school, boy and girl are too nervous to hook up in secondary school, boy and girl are housemates and still too nervous to hook up sort of love story.
Irish Theatre Magazine
  • Created, devised and performed by Brian Bennett and Nyree Yergainharsian with The Company