The Company collaborates with visual artist Celine Condorelli on Additionals, her exhibition running in Project Arts Centre 6th Nov 2013- 18th January 2014

Celine Condorelli’s Additionals are hybrids of form and function- useful things and purposeless things, which are now becoming the cast of theatre artists The Company’s work-in-development at Project Arts Centre. The Company will be responding to Additionals in a series unscripted, impromtu events. For up to date information, follow us on facebook/twitter via the links below. 

For the past few weeks, we have taken part time residence and full time inspiration from Condorelli’s Additionals, journeying through a collaboration between visual arts and performance arts practices. Come and be part of the journey.

  • With Jose Miguel Jimenez, Nyree Yergainharsian and Rob McDermott
  • Images David Upton for PAC Gallery